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The IB is not just a programme, it’s a lifestyle.

International Baccalaureate

The IB in Täby, Stockholm encourages you as a student to become an inquiring, knowledgeable and open-minded young person ready to work or study in any Swedish or international environment.

Welcome to The IB Programme at Åva gymnasium in Täby Stockholm

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a world renowned academic curriculum which is recognised in top universities the world over. This rigorous and challenging education will provide you with an excellent preparation for future studies and careers wherever in the world you choose to study. However, the IB is not just an academic programme but focuses on preparing students for life in the 21st century and actively teaches skills necessary to thrive and survive in the modern world. It addresses the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students, and is respected by universities across the globe.

Åva gymnasium in Täby Stockholm is an established IB school, having received its IB accreditation in 2001. With its experienced staff and welcoming atmosphere, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and diverse programme. In the IB ideas and concepts are actively debated and discussed, both in academic forums as well as informally in our corridor on the 2nd floor. Here you will also find students engaged in experiential learning whilst participating in some of our clubs and associations for our CAS programme (Creativity, Activity and Service). You can join our Amnesty group, write for the school magazine, be a part of our Environment club or our charity Star for Life as well as organise our MUN school simulation. Or why not just enjoy our regular gatherings celebrating for example, UN day, Sports day or our regular end of term parties.

The Diploma programme is a 2 year curriculum during which you will deepen your knowledge and understanding of 6 subjects chosen from our menu. At the end of this 2 year period you will take the IB exams during the month of May. These exams are the same for IB students the world over and are assessed by external examiners, which means that your teachers are there to support you and guide you to achieve the best you can and do not give your final assessment.

Information for students and parents - International Baccalaureate

At the IB, every student’s education is at the centre of all that we do. Because we share a commitment to student success, we've created this page to support students, parents and guardians throughout their journey at an IB World School.

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Intake procedures to IB program at Åva in Täby, Stockholm for start August 2021

Pre DP

All students will apply through gymnasieantagningen which opens January 14.

  1. They will be called to an entrance test day (March, 2021) where there will be tests in English and mathematics plus an activity with present students and finally an interview. The results (out of 300) will then be added to their final grade 9 results in order to be placed in the queue. The school will inform gymnasieantagningen (Stockholm admissions board) of these results. Final selection will be handled by gymnasieantagningen who will inform the students in July whether or not they have been offered a place.

  2. For students who do not have Swedish grade from year 9 they must upload their results from another school system to gymnasieantagningen which will then evaluate these to see whether or not they have the equivalent of basic pass which would allow them to join a Swedish gymnasium. Our school is then sent these results which are further checked to see that the level is of a comparable one to the Swedish system. Once the results from the school test is known, this is added to their overall results and the school informs  gymnasieantagningen if a place can be offered to the student.
  3. Students arriving later than the test day will be offered one other date to take the tests or if this is not possible the test can be undertaken in the student’s present school abroad. Then the same process is followed as in no 2.


  1. The process is handled by the school and students take tests in English and mathematics as well as an interview. Grades from a comparable system to the Pre DP (year 10) is required and students must have higher than the lowest grade in the subjects they wish to take at HL.  


  1. Again this process is handled within the school. The initial query will assess whether or not we have the same subject choices as the student is taking.
  2. Then following a discussion with the IB coordinator from the previous school and checking the grades from DP1 the student may be accepted.

  3. All CAS records must be transferred and any EE work or IAs that have been completed must be transferred by the student/managebac/the IB coordinator so that the Åva teachers are not responsible for this.

Program plan for those who started the fall of 2019

Program plan for those who started the fall of 2020

Program plan for you starting autumn 2021

Toyoko Tsugane Reinius

IB administrator for

International Baccalaureate

+ 46 76 643 8065


Jo-Anne Ahlmén

IB coordinator for

International Baccalaureate

+46 76 643 8029

Stephanie Axell, International Baccalaureate, year 2

IB is known for being a rigorous program, a succession of mental challenges, and while I’ve always been eager to study, I definitely had my doubts before starting IB. I wasn’t sure if I dared to take the challenge. But then I realized that the benefits of taking the IB program overwrote my fears of failing it. The great thing about IB is that it is an international course, and while offering profound learning with skilled teachers, something which offers a lot of prompt for learning is that the course is a mix of people from all over the world. One could say we have the entire world in a corridor, as we are a lot of people from different countries and cultures. Another huge benefit with the IB is that it is well recognised and appreciated by top universities in the world. The teachers at Åva are all really friendly, the food is delicious and since it is a school that provides an abundance of different courses and the mix of people is immense. The motto «come as you are, become who you want to be» really fits in with the environment of the school.

Maja Wallensten, International Baccalaureate, year 1

Dare try IB! You will not be disappointed. I went to Åvas Open House and I also participated in a try-day here at the IB. It was great since I got a good glimpse of the programme, the courses of study and the school. I´m now attending my first year and my classmates are nice and the teachers are very committed. I love going to school and even though IB implies more responsibility it is a good practice before further education. At the end of year 3 you will have your final exams which are the same worldwide. Therefore, it is good practice before you start university studies. After I graduate my dream is to study in a historical university in Scotland or England.

The best with IB is that you get to have an impact on your school years. The first year is a preparatory year since all high school education in Sweden is in three years. It also prepares you for the following years in the diploma programme. In year 2 and 3 you select six subjects from a menu and the rest of your courses you choose by yourself. I am thinking about global politics and English literature.

Axel Lund, International Baccalaureate, graduated 2020

During the open house of Åva I found the IB floor where I met a guy who originated from central Europe. He talked about the opportunities that he was granted due to him taking the International Baccalaureate and the universities that were interested in him because of it. I was happy to find that I got to pick my own courses and to focus on my academic skill sets as a result of it. Me having the mentality of taking on challenges and growing as a person made me interested in the Student Council/Åvas Elevkår. Serving as the President for a year has really helped me in understanding important aspects of what a union does and how a non-profit association works. Åva Gymnasium has really enabled me to do everything I could have asked for and may very well be one of the best places I could have done my high school education due to the fantastic opportunities that were given. All I had to do was to take them.

Jennifer Lindberg, International Baccalaureate, graduated 2020

I wanted something different and thought I would try the IB. I like the fact that I can choose my subjects and the level I study them at.

The IB class is so varied with students from many different parts of the world which makes classes interesting and challenges my perception of the world. The fact that we’ve chosen our subjects makes it easier to be motivated and work effectively.

Theory of Knowledge is a philosophical course that challenges us to think about what we know and how we know it. It makes me question the way we look at the world and helps me to see things from other perspectives.    

I love the fact that we have our own IB corridor which feels like we are a smaller IB community within a bigger gymnasium. We also have easy access to some of our teachers if we need help or support.

I want to move to England and study after I graduate after a gap year to work before I start university. I am thankful to the IB programme for allowing me to keep my options open for the future.

Tezbin Haider, International Baccalaureate, graduated 2019

I wanted to keep my options open and challenge myself as the IB is known to be a rigorous programme. The programme is also in English which is great.

The IB is an excellent preparation for university and I have learned a lot about self-discipline and self management. Being around people from so many different cultures and backgrounds has also exposed me to different values and beliefs.

There is a lot of personal freedom within the curriculum especially in CAS. At the moment I am volunteering at Stockholm University Model United Nations and have decided to implement it here in school with the year below. Through this activity I have learned how to take initiative, plan activities and engage in the whole school spirit.

I think the atmosphere is great. We have teachers who are passionate about their subject and they want you to learn. The students are also welcoming as well as being culturally diverse.

I am applying to universities in the UK and other countries and I know that I am prepared by having done the IB.

Nicola Cardwell, International Baccalaureate, Mathematics teacher

Nic Cardwell is a Maths teacher at Åva teaching the IB Programme.

She loves to teach in the classroom which is one of the reasons she decided not to pursue a career in management. She especially enjoys connecting Mathematics with the world around us, but also teaching students who think Mathematics is challenging. “To see them succeed beyond their expectations and feel less worried and anxious about the subject is the greatest satisfaction there is. My aim is always to help them feel comfortable with both their classmates and with me”, she says. 

Nic works 60% at Åva and 40% for Kunskapsmatrisen (a digital resource for teachers and students). “As a Maths teacher I help translate Maths questions from Swedish to English as well as creating new ones. It suits me well since I will be able to use that in my teaching in year 1 here at Åva”. Nic has previously considered applying for jobs teaching Maths in Swedish, but given the choice she says it is always easier to be yourself when using your first language. That’s why IB is the perfect place for her.

Hans Strömhäll, International Baccalaureate, teaches Swedish and Philosophy

Hans is a new teacher at Åva and at the IB programme. However, he will also teach Swedish and Philosophy in other programmes. His dialect reveals he comes from Västergötland and he says it's usually a good conversational starter with the students. His accent leads the conversation immediately to the provinces of Sweden and which dialect is spoken where. New for Hans in his career is the course Language and literature which he teaches for students at IB. The pupils who read the course deepen their knowledge in literature in a way they might not have had the opportunity to do otherwise in Swedish courses. This fits Hans perfectly since his heart beats a little extra for literature. 

The feeling of his new workspace he describes as positive, both when it comes to colleagues and students. “I want to work with people. It's the meeting and energy you get as a teacher that makes it satisfying. I have never been bored at work. I might have been tired and overworked but never bored”, he says with a smile. 

Ulrika Perbo, Deputy Principal of International Baccalaureate

In the International Baccalarueate, IB, students from different countries around the world bring their culture, traditions and experiences to the learning environment. This creates social and internationally-minded students who show intercultural understanding and respect for each other and our shared world. The rich and diverse atmosphere I meet at IB is amazing.

The programme´s holistic curriculum encourage students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners. The academically rigorous IB also helps students to develop research and thinking skills proven to help them in higher education.