Information for Ukrainian refugees in English and Ukrainan

30 mars 2022, kl. 15:56 - Kommun & politik

As a guide to important information for Ukrainian refugees, the municipality of Täby has compiled a set of links for when they arrive in Sweden. This can also be of help to the residents of Täby that are in contact with the refugees.

Linked information is partly in English and partly in Ukrainian or Russian. Among other things, you can find information about:

  • how to apply for asylum according to EU's Temporary Protection Directive
  • what happens when you have received a decision on a temporary residence permit
  • how the general healthcare system works
  • how to travel with SL, the public transport system in Stockholm
  • language support for Swedish and Ukrainian

Information in different languages is available at

At you will also find information in swedish about the school and preschool system, what is the process for a refugee and how you can help as a resident of Täby.