International Baccalaureate-Star For Life Workshop Camp 2020

23 januari 2020, kl. 15:09

IB students from all over Sweden came to Åva Gymnasium's 2020 Star for Life Workshop Camp held here in Täby-Stockholm from the 16th to the 17th of January.

Guest speakers included Beatrice Silow, Vice President Communication and Culture at Sigma committing support for a proposed Star for Life App as well as Star for Life Representative, Lois Petersson inspiring students in their CAS Planning and Events. The goal of the cooperation is to "bridge the gap between schools and work more closely together now and in the future and help make the world a better place."

All in all some 23 students from seven different schools--Malmö's Borgarskolan, Kristianstad's Söderport, Västerås's Carlforsska gymnasiet, Orebro's Rudbeck, Jönköping's Per Brahegymnasiet, Kungsbacka's Aranäsgymnsiet and Täby-Stockholm's Åva Gymnasium--participated in brain-storming possible future Star for Life activities. 

Star for Life uses music and education as  important instruments in spreading knowledge and information about HIV and AIDS in Tanzania, Namibia and South Africa as well as supporting students in educational endeavours.

Many thanks to Ms. Lois Petersson, Star For Life organizer, Ms. Jo-Anne Ahlmen, IB coordinator and Mr. Howard Suhr Perez, IB CAS and all the students who were part of this event.

Please visit Star For Life's site: