Stéphanie Axell, International Baccalaureate 2019

20 september 2019, kl. 13:50

It has only been five weeks of school so far but it is already noticeable that there are people from all over the world. You can say that we have the whole world in one classroom”, says Stéphanie Axell from IB19. She also says that you get a bigger perspective when you take part of other people's life stories, their views on life and what it is like to grow up in different ways.

Stéphanie has wanted to attent International Baccalaureate, IB, ever since she heard about it at the age of eleven because she wants to take part in many different cultures. Stéphanie says that her father is Georgian and her mother is Russian and she also has relatives from both France and Ireland. This has made her interested in the cultures of other countries. “You feel that you are part of a larger community because IB exists worldwide and everyone has the same curriculum. IB gives you a good basic foundation for learning and learning effectively”, says Stéphanie.

Everyone at IB spend time together and feel a great solidarity with each other. The education is high level and you have to study a lot. So it is fortunate that we have such good teachers who understand that it is rigorous, says Stéphanie. "The teachers want to help us to develop and help us to get as far as possible in our learning". We learn to have a bigger perspective and learn because we want to learn and not because we are that focused on grades. We learn about people and different cultures. We went on a study visit to the Old Town in Stockholm to learn about Swedish history which was rewarding for those who did not grow up in Stockholm. We have read a lot of history in the beginning.

 One of the most interesting things is that everything is in English, Stéphanie thinks. “You have to learn all the concepts again in different subjects, such as biology. It means that your English is used and developed”. Most people at IB want to study abroad after school and want to be well prepared for it.

“There are many people who are afraid of IB due to it having a reputation of being so difficult, which is correct, but with the right study technology it is not scary but an exciting challenge to tackle. If you are curious about people, IB is perfect. If you are an open minded person and open to other cultures and people and you would like to study abroad I would recommend IB. I would ignore the rumors that it is difficult. If you take the chance it is really worth it. It's definitely right for me”, Stéphanie says.

Stéphanie also says that what is so good about Åva is that everyone fits in here because it is so big with many mixed programs. You get to be exactly who you are and Åva's motto "Come as you are, become who you want" really fits.