Extended essay on the airplane tax

17 maj 2022, kl. 14:58

Charles Batiste attends his third year at the International Baccalaureate Programme and has written his extended essay on the airplane tax and how it works.

To Sweden from Los Angeles
At the age of twelve Charles moved to Sweden from Los Angeles with his parents who came here for work. He feels that Sweden, compared to the US, is cozy and calm. In the future Charles wants to work with sustainability but next up for him after graduation is studying chemistry in the UK.

Decrease in flights
Charles has written his extended essay on the airplane tax and he could see that there has been a big decrease in flights by looking at historical data and what has happened since the tax came in, “From what I have gathered it seems to be a cultural thing that the Swedish people feel bad about flying”, Charles says.

Domestically effective
“My essay is based on data from The Swedish Aviation Agency which had a lot of data on domestic and international flights. I also did a survey with about fifty randomly chosen people. My conclusion is that the tax was very effective domestically because people are taking the train more whereas if they are going on an international trip they still go by plane, so then not so effective.

Education is important
My thoughts on flying is that it's definitely important to know the consequences and you have to educate people about flying”.

International Baccalaureate