IB student writes extended essay on sexual violence

23 februari 2023, kl. 15:04

IB, International Baccalaureate, is an international programme that Åva provides. There are many nationalities represented in the classes and Agnes from Täby is writing her extended essay on sexual violence.

Extended essay topic
Agnes Rödin is from Täby and is attending her last year of IB at Åva. She is in the midst of writing her extended essay and shares that “my essay is about conflict related sexual violence and to what extent it has inhibited the Democratic Republic of the Congo from achieving peace. I broke down the different definitions of peace and investigated how sexual violence is a weapon of war affects each of them.

The process
As for the process, we start out choosing what subject we want to write our essays in, I chose global politics. Then we choose a topic and eventually a research question. As we research, the question may change depending on what information we find. Eventually we have to hand in a first draft which we get feedback on from our supervisor. In line with the feedback, we edit the essay and perfect it into a final draft. Along the way we write three reflections about the process, any obstacles we may have encountered and how we solved them. At the end of the process, we have what is called a viva voce where we discuss the experience with our supervisors, partly to verify that we actually did the work”.

Future plans
When asked about the future Agnes says that “I have applied to a few universities in France where I hope to study international relations after I graduate”.